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Highland School Full of Asbestos

Asbestos contamination has become such a problem in one Highland, UK school that inspectors recently advised teachers not to post anything on the walls because they contain asbestos. A recent inspection of Nairn academy revealed the presence of chrysotile asbestos in some of the schools classroom wall coverings prompting the notice. According to officials, the coating was made from an older formula that contained trace amounts of chrysotile asbestos. Teachers and students were advised not to post or remove any items because it may disturb and release asbestos fibers. Though the concentration is considered low, school officials don't want to take any risks. The presence of asbestos is nothing new for Highland as a recent study showed more than half of the areas 211 school buildings contained some form of asbestos contamination. That number could increase because results have not been filed for some of the schools. In 2004 Highland began funding surveys and audits of city held property. Local officials say that they are well aware of the problem and have begun a massive campaign to renovate buildings found to contain asbestos.



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